Social Responsibility

We're here for the weird. And the quirky. And the trailblazers.  For everything YOU are.We believe everyone should be free to be.  And look fabulous doing it.  We know that fashion is about what make you uniquely YOU- your identity, your convictions. Your passions.  We want you to feel free to express your authentic self, so shop from whatever collection, tab, or section suits you!We're a one-woman (er, one-Dany) operation.  Everything from product conception to website building- I'm doing it all!  This means that sourcing the best materials, expanding our sizing, and bringing our one-of-a-kind items to your door is a constant learning process. And I'm here for it.  I believe in our mission to make self-expression accessible, and I'm so excited to grow and learn with you.We strive to be better. To do better. To be better friends, allies, and inhabitants of earth.  We are working every single day to expand our product offerings to be as inclusive as possible, while also shrinking our impact on the planetQuality fashion with sustainability in mind.  Making items to order cuts down on over production and items going to the landfill.  (85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry ends up in landfills)  We look for textiles that use recycled components or are eco-friendly on their own.  Fabric and textile scraps are used in various ways, including thermal power, household furniture, and recycled into green building materials.